Auto Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida gets stuck and hard when opening one of those slightly annoying issues.
Damage to the power window may be one of the reasons Car Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida jam is difficult to open. The power window is one electronic device that serves to lift the car glass. With the power window feature allows you to open the glass or close the windshield of the car.

In addition to the power window features are easy, of course, this feature also has weaknesses. Damage to the power window could be one cause of the windshield of the car is difficult to open. In addition, there are still some causes of the unstoppable window jam that you should know.

Here are four causes of windshields are jammed and difficult to open to watch out for

Damage to the power window

The first cause of damage to the power window is the fuse. This feature is an electronic device that allows the fuse to avoid fatal damage during a short circuit. If the fuse is disconnected, the power window will be damaged and will not work. That’s what causes the windshield of the car jammed hard to open.

Shorted power window

The cause of a hard-to-track windscreen is the second deficiency in the power window caused by a burning switch. In addition, plastic on the wear switch can also cause the power window is not maximal. This is what can make windshield jam and difficult when it will be opened or closed glass.

Damage to the power window dynamo

Destruction of the dynamo power window located behind the door trim car or inside the door of this car could be the cause of the windshield of the car jammed hard to open. An important function of the dynamo power window is to run a glass regulator that can climb the car’s glass. If there is damage to the copper coil motor power window because a short circuit will definitely make the power window damaged and can not work with the maximum.

Lift the glass cover on the glass regulator

The cause of the crashing windshield is difficult to open the fourth and the last is the release of glass installed in the regulating glass. This glass organizer serves as a glass drive to move up with the help of power window motor. Problems or damage that often arise in this section is worn wear of teeth that have worn or can be caused by a glass holder separate from the regulating glass.

Not necessarily damage to power windows causes the glass car to be difficult to open. But in addition to the four unstoppable windshield causes that opened above, the windshield expands due to exposure to sunlight or the rubbery glass of your car that has hardened by age can also be another cause.

To outsmart that the windshield is not jammed because of this problem you can spray cooking oil at the end of the car window rail. How to spray not too much, sprayed should be slow and evenly up to the glass rail. That way you can be sure your car glass will not jam if it is opened or will be closed.

So the above is the windshield and jam cause that your car can experience, especially if your car includes old cars. Hopefully useful and help you in overcoming the problem of wind hose and difficult to open.

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