You get in your car, turn the key and expect everything to roar to life. Most people remember to keep up with a typical maintenance schedule. When the must-have features that you take for granted stop working, however, you learn just how important they are.

Digital Speedometer

Many newer vehicles come with a digital speedometer as part of the standard package. These meters can be easier to read than analog models, until they stop working. While you can still technically drive the car without a speedometer, it helps to know how fast you’re going so that you don’t get a ticket. A digital speedometer repair service can give you back your peace of mind.

Collision Warning

Modern car owners have become accustomed to sensors that let them know when their bumpers are about to come in contact with another surface. Knowing there will be a beep that alerts you to the proximity of another car or object can help you back out of tight spaces with relative ease. Without this feature, a lot more concentration is necessary to escape small spaces unscathed.

Keyless Entry

The 21st-century driver may not have to worry about locking his or her keys in the car. With keyless entry, you can gain access often with the push of a button or a quick scan of the sensor on the door. If it malfunctions, you learn quickly how convenient it is.

Bluetooth Connection

By connecting your phone to your car, you can still make calls and listen to your music apps without having to fumble with the device. Bluetooth makes hands-free operations possible, making your drive safer without having to sacrifice efficiency.

Although you may not think about them very often, once you have a vehicle with these features, they’re hard to do without. It’s a good idea to have all the amenities your vehicle offers checked out regularly so that you can avoid as many interruptions in functionality as possible.

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