Rust becomes one of the problems that often occur in the car, usually, the rust is attached to the metal parts of the car. If it gets the rust off the car, of course, it will make the car feel fragile and have an unflattering look. So it is important for vehicle owners to know the right car care tips so that the car is maintained properly. Rust can also undermine your car engine and cause damage to the malfunction of components in the car engine. This is certainly very dangerous because it will disturb when you drive on the streets.

Then what exactly causes the crust and rust on the engine of the vehicle? The occurrence of rust on the engine block can be caused because the remnants of oil attached to the machine components of funds over time combined with dust and other impurities that continuously make it into the crust or rust. And if left alone it will make rust becomes difficult to clean. In addition, rust can also occur due to the sediment on the machine derived from the burning remains stacked on the fuel injector and the pipe valve that makes it affect the combustion system. So as to cause the machine can not work optimally. Rust attached to vehicle engines often make the car’s performance decline, even though the age of the car is still easy though.

Rust not only happens in old cars are stubborn, but also can happen to the cars that are new though if not treated properly. Actually, the principle of eliminating rust is similar to how to remove rust that attached to other materials made from metal. Even this rust you can remove in a simple way with the materials available in your home though. Well here are some ways to clean the car’s rust easily and quickly.


  1. Using Vinegar

How to get rid of the car’s most easy car that you can do is to use vinegar. Acid, especially acetic acid or citric acid is a powerful enough agent to remove the crust that sticks to your car’s engine. The trick is very easy and you can do as below:

First, clean up all the components of your car’s engine, be careful not to about the electrical system of the car. You can protect the electrical system and other components that should not be exposed to water before cleaning.

Perform disassembly of the vehicle engine

Soak the rusty components with vinegar water, approximately 1-2 days.

But if the rust is still sticking strong, do soaking a little longer.

After that brush, a little to clean

Wash again using a special car engine cleaner.

Keep in mind because the acidic juice is strong enough not to get the car body because of dpaat damage the body of the car.


  1. Using Lemon

Lemon also you can use as a way to clean the rust on the car quickly and easily. Especially if you let it work for a long time, then all the rust-in-stick will be easily removed. Well here are the steps you can do:

First, clean the engine parts clean.

Sprinkle salt in the rusty engine component area

After that soak it with lemon water

Allow a few moments for the lemon to work

After that brush using aluminum scrubbers until the rust-rust apart from machine components

Wash with a special shampoo and rinse by using water until clean

If there is no lemon, you can use other alternatives ie lime


  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda can also be used to clean the carats that stick to your car. Even with baking soda, all the crusts that stick can be perfectly clean. Here’s how you can do it.

Clean the engine first

Soak in baking soda water for a while

Use a special brush to rub the rusty engine parts

Rinse with water until clean


  1. Using Ceramic Cleaners

There are many ceramic cleaners that you can choose on the market, but to use these cleaners you have to be careful because of the hard liquid properties. So use gloves to avoid skin irritation. Use the liquid only on the engine block, do not get exposed to the paint part of the car because it can damage the car paint layer.

Clean the engine block first so that no dirt and dust is attached

Apply the liquid on the part of the machine to be cleaned

Let stand for a few minutes, usually will appear foam due to chemical processes that occur. This is a perfectly natural thing.

Use a brush to clean the rust thoroughly

After that rinse with water.


Well, that was 4 ways to clean the car’s carat easily with only the materials that exist in your home. But if the condition of rust attached to your car engine is quite severe, then you should do the painting on the car engine. Especially if the rust-stick is located in the hard to reach. However, this painting only aims to blur the color of the machine so that the color will look like new but still have the same surface. To paint a car engine is certainly different from the painting on the body of the car so it would be better to submit to a technician who is expert.

Also, prevent your rust by washing it regularly. It is important to know how to wash the correct car engine because many causes of rust appear due to wrong washing. Keep the car engine clean to avoid dirt, dust, and the remnants of oil that causes the appearance of rust on the car engine. Hopefully, the above information can be useful for you.

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