Last month I took a little time to get away from it all and went on vacation. There’s a saying about having a dull life when you don’t take a little time out of a busy work schedule to rest. Given how hard I’ve been working in the past year, a little down time is well deserved. I booked plane tickets, reserved a hotel room, rented a vehicle, and got on a plane to the UAE. It was my first time going there, but I had heard a lot of positive things about the UAE from people I knew and from television shows.

Once I got to the UAE and was settled in, I got something to eat and headed to the golf course. I heard that there was a wonderful golf course there that people from around the world look forward to playing on, and I just had to see it for myself. I’m not that great of a golfer, but I can sink a few shots with enough practice. The golf course was one of the most beautiful that I ever had the pleasure of playing on, and it made all of the other courses that I’ve ever been to look like complete garbage.

Since going to the UAE, I’m back to my boring work schedule, and I can’t help but daydream about going there again. The place is so good that I wouldn’t mind living there permanently. I would miss all of my family and friends, but I could always call and email them when I feel like it. Maybe I can convince my boss to somehow set up a new UAE branch of the company and send me over to set it all up. It’s pretty unlikely for something like that to happen, but I can dream.

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